About Sarah

Early in 2020 we found ourselves needing an experienced, skilled property manager. In the past we had usually trained our team in house, but this time we needed someone quickly, and they had to come complete with the whole skill set! A real professional. Fortunately for us, Sarah applied for the position.

Previously Sarah and Lorrain (who is at Tilligerry Real Estate) worked together, and both have a huge amount of experience in residential and holiday management. This made it a lot easier to ensure that Sarah would fit in with our existing team and our in-house systems. Sarah's years of experience, calm manner, industry knowledge and all round competence have been very welcomed by not just her workmates, but by our landlords and tenants as well.

Owning an investment property does not have to be stressful. Combining a great system, with Sarah's calm manner, attention to detail, and professionalism is more than enough to ensure your home is in safe hands.

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